Friday, September 6, 2013

Bowling for Time Travellers

I had a dream the other night about bumbling time travellers. It was highly entertaining. Mostly it was funny, but there was also this creep professor who wanted the secrets to time travel to use for his own evil ends. He chased around time travellers and cracked their skulls with a white bowling ball. Not the most logical weapon, I know, but it worked pretty well for him!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Holy ghosts! That's a lot of ghosts!

"What is this noise," you ask?  I just finished drawing up a bunch of ghosts for a combination flip-book, called 10,000 Ghost Stories, to be published shortly.  I had pretty much free reign to think up 23 iterations of demons and dead things to connect at the neck and waist, which was a real pleasure to spend time on.  In the end, you can make about as many as, you guessed it: 10,000 unique ghosts!  The above is just one example.  Below are the 3 in their un-spliced forms.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Been working up a storm of character designs lately, some professionally, and some for personal projects.  Here are a few.  Above is the line-up of a kind of cowboy version of the Labours of Hercules.

 A spritely punk from a personal project.

A moto-girl for a racing game proposal.

And, finally, a (semi-personal?) character design for another game proposal:  It started with the game-play modeled after Snake, and I built the story on top of it.  The furry thing's name is Dash, and he's an alien pilot who steals fuel orbs for his spaceship from these dust mites that work in the mines of his planet. The story was deemed a little too complex by the PTB, which I get, but I made the artist's mistake of falling in love with this guy, so it gave me a little sad when he got rejected.

En väldigt svensk smak: A very Swedish flavor

Much to my possibly misplaced delight, Kalles Kaviar is once again stocked at the friendly neighborhood Ikea.  I got hooked on the stuff while visiting a friend in Sweden a couple of years ago.  The company itself admits it's an acquired taste, but what's not to love about squeezing creamed salmon roe out of a tube?  Here is an ode to Kalles I drew up for a lark: The Nordic goddess Freyja enjoying a light lunch (did you know Freyja was a cat lady? Thanks again, Wikipedia.).  Oh, and I've also been watching Vikings on History Channel (ed note: so good.), which is likely what sent me in this direction.

Bubbles and Wormholes

I've seen enough science fiction to know that time travel energy is always blue.  More like science FACT.  A couple recent examples, for Scholastic's Storyworks: A time traveler meets the inventor of his time machine.

And for Oxford University Press, a dotty professor builds a time machine out of something only slightly less cool than a DeLorean.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sketch Dump: Howl, The Clearing, Heartworms

Other than the incision, there's no pain.

The title of this post is based on a snippet of overheard conversation on the street.  I think the speaker was talking about taking his dog to the vet for some operation.  I thought it was such an oddly beautiful statement, that I had to give it a picture.

Hirsute I, painted.

Been awhile! Here's the first of a few things I've been working on lately.